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Five Reasons I Love ‘Light Green’

Happy “Bike to Work Day!” As many people did this morning, I used my bike pedal to get to work instead of my gas pedal. My reason was primarily environmental: … Continue reading

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The Environmental Quagmire of Nuclear Power

Nuclear power is in a bit of a bind. With powerful fossil fuel lobbies on one side and anti-nuclear groups on the other, some spectators feel that the U.S. nuclear … Continue reading

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Our Forgotten Sustainability Culture

Disposable take-home containers. Single use coffee pods. Fast fashion. Cleaning pads that hit the trash after one room. This type of convenience based consumption has become commonplace in American life. … Continue reading

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NIMBY and the Social Gap Collide

We need to train ourselves to see our new, clean power plants not as an unsightly necessity, but as a source of local pride and autonomy.

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Community Solar Can Overhaul Utility Assistance Programs

Complacency might well be the most insidious force in the world today. The cessation of the attempt; failing to reach further for what is better. Never yearning to remix and … Continue reading

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Our Failed Climate Change Defense

Let’s talk about legal defenses that should not work. You get pulled over. You get asked if you’ve been drinking. You have. You try to deny it. You conjure up … Continue reading

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The Epitaph of NIMBY

“How dare you stick your liberal-loving, clean-energy-producing, scenic-view-destroying wind turbines on my prime oil land!” Or something like that. I think that’s what I was expecting to hear anyway. For … Continue reading

February 3, 2017 · 1 Comment